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RxMapper is a personalized medication platform and telehealth consult practice developed in collaboration with Mayo Clinic. RxMapper uses your DNA to identify medications that are likely to work best for you.

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4 Easy Steps to Personalized Medications

DNA Collection

DNA Collection

When you sign up, you'll receive a DNA collection kit in the mail. Use the kit to swab the inside of your mouth and mail it back to us. That's it! We take care of the rest!

DNA Sequencing

DNA Sequencing

Once RxMapper receives your kit, we sequence your DNA. Most patients only need to be sequenced once. As new drugs are developed or new insights are discovered, those advancements are automatically incorporated into your RxMapper personalized medication profile.

PGx Consult

DNA Analysis

RxMapper’s clinical team, led by pharmacists who are PGx-certified by Mayo Clinic, analyzes over 6,500 medications that treat 328 different medical conditions, and provides personalized recommendations based on your DNA.

PGx Consult

Telehealth Consult

You receive a telehealth consult with an RxMapper Pharmacist who provides a detailed action plan of medications that are likely to be safe and effective based on your DNA and shares those recommendations with you and your care team.

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clinical example
Breast Cancer

Age: 43

Without RxMapper: Katie is a 43 year-old mother of three young children and breast cancer patient, who was preparing to begin a 5-year Tamoxifen regimen.

With RxMapper: Analysis of her DNA revealed that Katie has three distinct genes that indicate poor long term outcomes with the use of Tamoxifen. An RxMapper Network Pharmacist shared this evidence with Katie’s oncologist and recommended an alternative treatment of Anastrozole in combination with Lupron.

Improved Outcomes: This switch, based on her DNA, greatly improves the likelihood of a successful outcome in which her cancer remains in full remission.

Breast Cancer Clinical Example
clinical example
Rheumatoid Arthritis

Age: 52

Without RxMapper: Having suffered treatment failure with methotrexate, he would be prescribed HUMIRA at a cost of $6,300 a month, $75,600 per year, and would have to endure painful injections into his stomach twice a month.

With RxMapper: Matthew gets a one-on-one consult. Based on his DNA, an RxMapper Network Pharmacist recommends leflunomide, an oral medication that is easy to take and much more effective at treating Matthew’s arthritis; and it costs just $22 a month / $264 a year.

Improved Outcome: With RxMapper, Matthew feels better because he is able to effectively treat his arthritis and saves $75,300 each year.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Clinical Example
clinical example
Ulcerative Colitis (UC) (moderate)

Age: 34

Without RxMapper: Diagnosed with ulcerative colitis,Julie was prescribed HUMIRA at a cost of $6,300 a month, $75,600 per year, and would have to endure painful injections into her stomach twice a month. Unfortunately, she lacks the protein structure needed to metabolize the drug and her colitis worsened.

With RxMapper: Julie gets personalized medication advice. Based on her DNA, an RxMapper Network Pharmacist recommends azathioprine, an oral medication that is easy to take and much more effective at treating Julie’s ulcerative colitis; and it costs just $13.20 a month / $158.40 per year.

Improved Outcomes: With RxMapper, Julie feels better because she is able to effectively treat her colitis and saves $75,400 each year.

Ulcerative Colitis Clinical Example
clinical example
Stent Placement and Blood Thinners

Age: 54

Without RxMapper: Jack’s cardiologist prescribes Clopidogrel and Warfarin as blood thinners. Jack survives the stent surgery but develops a major GI bleed from his medications. Jack is hospitalized for 13 days and requires three E.R. visits over the next 12 months. He misses over four weeks of work and his wife misses two weeks of work caring for him.

With RxMapper: Jack gets personalized medication advice from an RxMapper Network Pharmacist. Analysis of his DNA reveals that Warfarin is not an appropriate blood thinner for Jack, based on his genomics. The analysis also shows that he should respond well to Clopidogrel and Dabigatran.

Improved Outcomes: Jack is prescribed Clopidogrel and Dabigatran and recovers from his stent placement without complications or additional costs.

Ulcerative Colitis Clinical Example
RxMapper's Digital DNA Platform is revolutionizing how medications are prescribed.
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