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Join RxMapper’s Team and provide personalized care to every patient

Work with RxMapper to become certified in pharmacogenomics and offer DNA-guided telehealth consultations to patients.

48% of drugs and 75% of cancer drugs are either the wrong drug or dose.

World-Class Training

All RxMapper pharmacists have successfully completed the Mayo Clinic PGx-Certificate Program.

The annual cost of prescribing the wrong drug or dose is $528.4 billion.

Network Discounts

RxMapper pharmacists receive a discount on the cost of the Mayo Clinic PGx-Certification Program.

Because of this, 50% of patients do not take their medications.

Patient Referrals

RxMapper brings patients to our pharmacists and schedules telehealth consults for them at times they have selected.

Mayo Clinic PGx-Certificate Program
Integrating Pharmacogenomics into Clinical Practice
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We believe pharmacists are a grossly underutilized resource in our healthcare system. At RxMapper, pharmacists play a central role in counseling patients and impacting better health outcomes.
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