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RxMapper is at the forefront of precision medicine, dedicated to precisely identifying medications that are likely to be both safe and effective for each individual patient. Our platform is more than a service, offering a gateway to a personalized medication experience grounded in cutting-edge science and compassionate care.

Our experienced healthcare professionals understand the nuanced nature of medications, acknowledging both their potential benefits and risks. We have seen firsthand the varying impacts of medications: the life-changing positive effects when a patient's response aligns well, as well as the complexities and challenges in less favorable responses.

At RxMapper, our commitment lies in guiding your medication journey. We meticulously tailor our services to ensure the medications you receive are not only effective but also uniquely compatible with your health profile, striving to maximize benefits while minimizing risks.

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Our Story

RxMapper was co-founded in 2017 by Dr. Chris Grilli and David Upjohn, during their tenure at Mayo Clinic, with a visionary goal: to make genomics universally accessible and applicable in everyday healthcare.

For Chris, the journey towards RxMapper began with a personal tragedy. He lost two grandparents to adverse medication events that could have been prevented if they had a service like RxMapper. This profound experience catalyzed a shift in Dr. Grilli's career focus. Determined to prevent such events from affecting other families, Dr. Grilli co-founded RxMapper to pioneer a safer, more personalized approach to medication management.

An engineer by training, David Upjohn brings a unique perspective driven by a desire to refine and personalize medications. His dedication is not just professional; it also is driven by a desire to contribute to his family legacy. With a lineage rich in pharmaceutical breakthroughs, making medications safer and more effective is his life's mission. David’s vision is to transform medications into precise and patient-specific therapies.

Their combined expertise and dedication mirror the ethos that every member of our team embodies at RxMapper. Together, we are tirelessly working towards a singular vision: to revolutionize the approach to medication prescription and use. It is our shared mission to make personalized medications not just a concept, but a practical reality for everyone.


Chris Grilli
Chris Grilli, PharmD, MBA, BCACP
David Upjohn
David Upjohn, MS
Jim Miller
Jim Miller

RxMapper Values

Our values serve as a compass, guiding every aspect of our care towards personalized, empathetic healthcare experiences. Rooted in trust and collaboration, they ensure we always prioritize the unique needs and well-being of our patients.
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Patient-Centric Care
Our care process prioritizes each patient's unique needs, ensuring personalized attention.

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Collaborative Approach
Our team collaborates closely with patients, ensuring their voice is integral in the care journey.

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Building Trust
Transparency and integrity are key, building lasting trust with our patients through security and quality assurance.

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Personalized Experiences
We provide a white-glove service, tailoring healthcare to each patient's genetic profile and care needs.

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Cutting-Edge, Proven Science
We utilize the latest genomics research to offer the most advanced healthcare solutions.

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Community Connection
We foster a strong community, supporting patients through shared experiences and resources.

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