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Providing better health outcomes and reducing costs, that’s what we do

RxMapper strengthens your relationships with your existing clients and enables you to acquire new ones.

Existing Clients

RxMapper improves the health of employees and their family members and reduces companies’ total drug spend by up to 10%.*

New Customers

RxMapper is clinically validated to control high dollar specialty spend, providing a cutting-edge tool to win new business.

New Revenue

Receive new revenue in the form of shared savings or PMPM fee, while saving your clients money, and improving the health outcomes and adherence of the employees and family members on your clients’ health plans.
Improve Health


Improves the health and wellbeing of employees and their family members.

Increase Adherence

Increase Adherence

91% of patients say they are more likely to take medications prescribed based on their DNA. 10

Reduce Drug Spend

Reduce Drug Spend

Dramatically reduces clients’ out-of-control drug spend and overall healthcare costs

Save on Specialty Drugs

Save on Specialty Drugs

Drives unparalleled savings by eliminating ineffective, high-cost specialty drugs.

Our Solutions
  • Retain existing clients, and win new clients
  • Save clients’ money
  • Improve health outcomes and adherence
  • Generate new revenue
Create a New Revenue Stream
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